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About us

The website is managed by the Wharfedale Online Trust (WOT). This is a voluntary group organised as a Trust whose aim is to provide a community website for the area of Wharfedale up and down stream from Ilkley.

Our existence owes much to Alan Drew who gave birth to a community site for Ilkley in 1995 when a primitive Internet first became available. Sadly Alan died in 2008 and his son Phil is now a member of the trust.

Following Alan’s death it became clear that the old model of running the site, which relied entirely on the efforts of a few volunteers, was no longer sustainable. If Ilkley was going to retain its own community not-for-profit web site a new way had to be found. This is centred around two ideas:-

  1. Make use of the new content management technology to give community groups control over their own content.
  2. Introduce an income stream which will reward those whose time is spent maintaining the site.

In 2009 we successfully applied for a grant from the Ilkley Parish Council and this has allowed us to develop the new look and its 25 sister websites, and lay the foundations for the next 10 years.

We welcome involvement from members of the Wharfedale community whether they are individuals wanting to help out or groups that would like to make use of the opportunities that offers. Please get in touch.

Get in touch

You should contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for any of the following:

  • To add or amend information about a local organisation on
  • To take advantage of the webspace offered to local organisations
  • To discuss becoming a helper or Trustee

You should contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for anything to do with

If you want to add your business details to the Local Businesses directory simply register at, then go to the relevant section and add the information yourself. It is a free service!

As part of the redesign we would like to thank Andy Savage for providing the panoramic photos of Ilkley.

Website re-design timetable is the largest of 10 Wharfedale Online Trust websites to be re-designed and to go live, funded by an Ilkley Parish Council grant. Others will follow in phases over the next six months as groups of users are trained. The detailed timetable follows. - Wharfedale German Circle 31 Mar 2010 21 Apr 2010 - Ilkley Summer Festival 22 Apr 2010 - Wharfedale Recorded Music 25 May 2010 now - Ilkley Town Council 19 Oct 2010 - Ilkley Civic Society 29 Oct 2010 - Friends of the Manor House Ilkley 30 Mar 2011 - Ilkley Community Transport 26 July 2011 - Olicana41 Club for former Round Tablers 14 Aug 2014 - Friends of the Kings Hall & Winter Garden

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